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Syncstore products are mainly divided into food and beverage, fresh supermarket, e-commerce logistics, service display and other businesses.
Gourmet catering is an online retail template based on applications in the catering industry, including demand scenarios such as tipping services and instant delivery;
Fresh supermarket is an online shopping template based on the supermarket industry, which can meet your delayed delivery needs;
E-commerce logistics is an online O2O system based on the e-commerce logistics industry, which can be connected to major API;
The service display is based on the promotion management platform of the promotion type to meet your various promotion needs.
The Syncstore mini program comes with WeChat traffic, which can easily help large, medium and small traditional enterprises, e-commerce merchants, and offline stores to connect 900 million WeChat customers. The system is updated regularly and iteratively, bringing new functions and marketing models to the merchants, making it easy to do business!

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